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Due Diligence Background Checks

Due diligence, background investigation, and recruiters are just some words you might have heard around you. In the rapidly changing corporate environment, due diligence has become something of a necessity. So, what is it, and why do we need it?

Running Background Checks on Current Employees

Running Background Checks on Current Employees

how common is it and for what reasons would they be performed?

We all are familiar with running background checks on prospective employees, but how common is it to run background checks on current employees? First of all, you should know that running a background check on any employee at any stage is perfectly legal as long as the procedures for running background checks are still properly in place.

Whether you need to run a handful, a dozen, or hundreds of background checks, you need an FCRA compliant partner you can trust, backed by people that care! You need INTELIFI. Better Product – Better Platform – Better People.

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