Factors Challenging the Background Screening Industry in 2020


If you thought ban-the-box regulations were complicating the background screening industry well you’ve obviously missed the many states who have enacted pay history laws. 

The new regulatory trend holds that employers can no longer ask applicants about their pay history. Nor can they consider pay history or in some cases disclose an employee’s pay history with other companies.

Each state has details to the same regulation. For instance, in the state California employers also must disclose pay scale if asked by a potential employee. 

And it is just that mismatch of laws that makes things really complicated. In some cases the state laws conflict with city regulations. In other cases the pay equity laws conflict with other laws. It’s a lot to keep up with.

As one might imagine the age of the gig economy has made collecting proper background screenings twice as difficult.

With the right dedicated background screening company, HR professionals are in better position to navigate through these inconsistencies with their talent management clients.

Even for the background screening software companies the task of figuring out what all these rules mean is quite the task.

Background check platforms need to be able to pull information about candidates in locations where it is allowed and do the opposite in states where it is not.

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