Intelifi's Curated Reads

Often, recruiters learn from other recruiting company blogs, written by recruiting professionals who sell recruiting software or run recruiting firms, and it can all get kind of dull…

The same goes for us, background check companies.

We’re all writing and reading about the same thing, so it becomes this pre-employment Twilight Zone of content that can be hard to differentiate.

It’s hard to stay inspired, too.

There is one source that can help us get out of this black hole: LinkedIn Talent Solutions, which features unique and valuable insight into U.S. workforce trends.

Over 190 million workers in the U.S. have LinkedIn profiles; over 30,000 companies in the U.S., use LinkedIn to recruit; over 3 million jobs are posted on LinkedIn in the U.S. every month…

LinkedIn covers how to continually discover, connect with, and manage the right talent in an easy-to-understand and inspiring way.

So to help break you out of your content matrix and learn something new to make you better at your job, we’ve compiled 5 of our favorite LinkedIn talent solutions. Download. Read. Or watch them. You’ll learn, laugh, and maybe even discover better talent.

1.  The Modern Recruiter’s Guide

Being a great recruiter isn’t always easy, but LinkedIn breaks down exactly what makes a great recruiter, and how you can become one yourself. Whether you’re an entry-level recruiter or a c-suite executive, this guide will help you navigate a candidate’s marketplace where talent has more access to information and more channels to find opportunities.

2.  Tools to Expedite Your Post Process

This toolkit is everything. The resources here will help you save time and find the right applicants for your openings, sooner.

3.  Talent Solutions Case Studies

From a Dubai-based startup that is attracting top engineers from Silicon Valley, to how Microsoft uses LinkedIn Talent Insights to save on relocation and compensation costs.
Discover how a LinkedIn partnership is proving successful for companies of all sizes.

4.  Linkedin Talent Blog – The 10 Must-Read Articles for Recruiters This Week

A self-described source for remarkable recruiting strategies, tips, and trends, here is another gold mine. Check out How GDPR Affects Background Checking or why companies are sharing how much their employees make.

5. LinkedIn’s Head of Recruiting Weighs in on the Top Talent Trends for 2019

There are some major trends transforming the workplace. Do you know what those are? 5,000 talent acquisition and HR professionals do. You probably should too.

Which LinkedIn resource is most inspiring to you? Do you have any other favorites not already on the list?