How to make your job posts more inclusive

Focus on performance objectives, not

Omit nice-to-have qualifications from your job description and stick to must-haves. Beware that seniority requirements can perpetuate imbalances since historically there have been fewer women in senior roles. Instead of focusing on qualifications, cover the objectives that the hire will be expected to achieve.

Be mindful of what and how
you say it

Make sure you’re using gender-neutral language by avoiding words that are
stereotypically “masculine” and can turn women away, such as “dominate” or “rockstar." Also, consider adding information like salary range and benefits since that’s important to wome

Strengthen your employer brand
to appeal to diverse audiences

Both women and men are interested in your company’s employer brand. Use this opportunity to show your commitment to diversity and ensure that it’s reflected in the photos and stories you share. Highlight female employees, particularly those in leadership positions as they may serve as role models for female applicants.