New York State Background Screening

With direct access to the source, our team of live court runners are your business a competitive advantage, almost always providing same-day New York background checks turnaround times on County and State reports.


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New York

New York Background Checks

In the state of New York, background screening providers are only allowed to report records going back seven years under the guidelines of the FCRA. Additionally, the New York State Repository provides very limited data to national databases. Because of this limitation, it is very important that your criminal background checks are handled by a knowledgeable, reliable provider such as Intelifi. New York offers both a statewide search, as well as county criminal reports, all of which can be accessed directly by Intelifi to ensure the most current, up to date criminal background on a job candidate.

Intelifi recommends our Statewide Criminal Report, which accesses the New York State Repository direct – this agency oversees and maintains all criminal court records from every county in the state. When exact dates of sentences are so important, accuracy is extremely important. Intelifi can offer you this reliability by combining our National Criminal Report along with direct access to the state that your job candidate has resided in.

Criminal background checks in the state of New York will show you Felony and Misdemeanor convictions over the course of the past seven years. This includes severe crimes such as Robbery, and less serious offenses such as Hot Checks.
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Background Screening

Intelifi connects directly to the source when providing background screening. Our platform enables accessibility
to county courthouses, government sources, and international feeds. We stand by our
technology, provide company resources, and industry expertise. Intelifi’s vendor reach and many years of expertise will give
you up to date and accurate information as you make your company’s important decisions.

Criminal Records

Criminal Records

Do you need to know about your applicant’s history with the law? It’s better to know about citations, misdemeanors and felony cases now rather than later. At Intelifi, we can provide county and state information nationwide as well as federal case histories to help you make informed decisions.

People Searches

People Searches

With People Search reports, you can get a general picture of an applicant and see what steps to take next. Comprehensive people searches make it easy to validate your applicant’s information and narrow your results.

DMV Records

DMV Records

With Intelifi and our suite of information services, you can use Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) records to validate your applicant’s personal information so you can prevent fraud and make accurate decisions based on the useful and detailed results provided.



Intelifi’s Verification products give employers the ability to verify the information on a candidate’s resume, as well as their personal information. History of employment, education, personal references, and even vocational licenses can be verified to ensure a job offer is made to the most qualified candidate possible.

Credit Reporting

Credit Reporting

One of the many pieces of information you may choose to examine to determine the character and responsibility of an applicant is a credit report. It helps you learn about an applicant’s payment history, employment history, and offers other vital pieces of information you need to know before making a hiring decision.

drug testing

Drug Testing

Our strong position in the industry allows us to provide you with complete and comprehensive screenings that includes our drug testing division. We offer nationwide drug testing lab services which affirms our ability to meet your needs on a national level. In-house drug testing kits are also offered to support ease and accessibility.

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